What is PHPSecAuth ?

    PHPSecAuth is a library written  in PHP which permit to protect your authentication system for your website or your intranet. It permits to detect many attacks (brute force, sql injection, buffer overflow ...) like an IDS, blocks the attacker and send an email to the administrator or writes logs.

    Moreover PHPSecAuth can be used to limit the access of the website in the time, limiting the days and the hours.

Where can I download PHPSecAuth ?

    Just clicking here : phpsecauth-0.1.tar.gz

How can i use PHPSecAuth ?

    For me the best way to understand and use it is to give you an example. So click here for the FAQ.


Can I modify and use this script in my program ?

    Yes, PHPSecAuth is under LGPL so you just have to respect it. If you do it, I'm interesting to know your project. Please contact me !

Can I participate to this project ?

    Of course ! You're welcome. You just have to send me an email to contact me.